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Привет всем, устраивайтесь поудобней)

суровая розмари
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Привет всем вступившим! :))
Ребята, расскажите о себе? Кого чем фильм зацепил (гы, ну я имею ввиду кроме, понятное дело, Макэвоя шучу, про него тоже давайте разговаривать xD Я вот честно не ожидала, что он так блестяще справится с такой сложной ролью o_O Так что все еще приятно поражена))

И есть ли какие идеи, что мы можем интересного совместно замутить в соо? :)
как вам оформление, тэги и проч., всё ок или что-то поменять нужно?

Кто-нибудь хочет аватарок по Макбету? Я умею и в принципе с фотошопом на ты)

И прорекламируйте знакомым, пожалуйста, наше соо - тем, кто смотрел уже Макбета или только собирается посмотреть — а может кто-то вообще просто не слышал о нем, и в человеке пропадает потенциал ;) Этого нельзя допустить! )))

P.S. В цитатнике сообщества собираю отзывы на Макбета, найденные в дайри, а если кто в соо выложит свой - тогда совсем счастье будет) ^^

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Пока роешься в tumblr, натыкаешься на целую кучу серьезных и забавных впечатлений от фильма, цитирую самые запомнившиеся:


So, thinking about it, Macbeth's just like inception.

The witches tell him he’s gonna be king, He thinks he will, he kills the king so he’s king.



Why haven’t I heard about ShakespeaRe-Told sooner, guys?!

Last year, I discovered Hamlet with Patrick Stewart as the evil uncle AND the ghost of Old Hamlet (apparently in this version they were twins?) and David Tennant as Hamlet and was so amused. Now I discover ShakespeaRe-Told and Macbeth with James McAvoy as Macbeth and Richard Armitage as MacDuff (He was Gisborne in the Robin Hood tv show and I kind of hated his character but thought he was a pretty good actor) and I am equally amused. Also, from what I have seen so far, they seem to be going with an interesting interpretation, with the manipulative and evil wife driving the husband to murder. In fact, she is doing all the planning while Macbeth just stands there like, “WTF are you doing now? Where are you going with those scary scissors? You aren’t going to make me stab someone with those, are you?!” Of course, that could be just because it is McAvoy, who always looks nice and it doesn’t seem like he is capable of being a bad person…

Anyway, they also did Much Ado About Nothing which I don’t think I have actually ever read, but Billie Piper is in it and I’ve been interested in seeing something else with her in it (since she did such a good job in Doctor Who) so yeah. I am very amused. Also, modern renditions of older stories are always fascinating. I’m going to go now.

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суровая розмари
Я недосягаем для ваших дерзновенных аргументов и дедукций
Motif of Sleep in Macbeth

The motif of sleep in Macbeth foreshadows the future or stands as a transition between life and death. Sleep is a sanctuary to many, after a long, challenging day one wants to escape to a utopia of calmness and (hope to) wake up an energized man. It is also a time of hallucination and dreams, your mind is at work triggering thoughts—some pleasant and some not. Shakespeare clearly defines sleep as an escape haven in one manner and as an ominous place in the other. Some might not be able to fall asleep because they are worrying about a problem. Some people are killed during their sleep and don’t wake up. Within the first few acts alone, sleep is a main part of the character’s lives.

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Macbeth (Shakespeare Re-told)