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Devour (001: Beginnings)
Characters: Joe Macbeth.
Rating: G

I know that you want to do this, she had whispered. You’re thinking what I’m thinking. I can read you like a book.

And he had hated her for saying it, had wanted to kill her.

But only because he knew that she was right.

He can see what is happening to him, now, and he hates himself for it. He can think I would never all he wants. He can think murder is impossible, it’s not something I would ever do, it’s not something that would have ever occurred to me, I am a good person – but in the end he knows that it will change nothing.

He can deny it to himself all that he wants. He can tell himself that he is above it all that he wants. It is already too late. The idea has been planted, and now it is always there at the back of his mind, like an insistent itch, like something that scuttles and stings and never seems to die.

He can deny it to himself all that he wants, but he knows that he will do it in the end.

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